we discussed on two operating systems Windows & Linux for Web
Developers where we suggested Linux would be the best choice for web
developers. In this episode we are going to get started with listing and
analysing of top Linux operating systems and essential softwares for a
newbie and especially for Web Developers. So lets get started.

We will be categorizing this episode into 3 Bytes:

Linux Operating System First byte
Essential Softwares Second byte
Installing softwares to get started Third byte

Lets have the first byte Linux Operating Systems

let me give a small introduction on operating systems. There are many
operating systems out there but all does the same thing. A program that
interacts between the machine hardware and a computer user. Its a
simple definition instead of giving a mind attacking one.

Linux Operating System

There are thousands of Linux Operating System out there fulfilling
different purposes of computer users. If you are a developer and you
need specific operating system for your task, well there is a good news
that you can choose out of many or you can customize according to your
need. Out of which the major ones that are taking place of Windows and
Mac are

Linux Mint
Arch Linux

In which Fedora (RED HAT Based) is my favourite one

All these Operating Systems are good for Web Developers and newbie
users can prefer Ubuntu, Linux Mint & Fedora. Even though Fedora
targets advanced users, it can full-fill the basic needs of a newbie
user with little bit of Linux understanding.


It is a Debian based distribution targeting first time Linux users
with easy understanding procedures to install it on a computer. It has
unity desktop environment and Ubuntu is supported by canonical. Well if
you are a newbie to the Linux field then Ubuntu is your best choice.
Wait that doesnt mean it cannot be used for advanced purposes. Since
its a Linux distribution it has all the advanced features for you to
work with it. but you need to learn Linux commands for advanced task to
be carried out. this is a good distribution for web developers who are
stepping into Linux world for the first time.

Linux Mint

It is an Ubuntu based distribution targeting first time Linux users
with a very good visual interface included. i,e two desktop environments
(Mate Originally forked from legendary GNOME2 & Cinnamon
Originally forked from GNOME3). It is almost similar to Ubuntu
distribution with a new look and a self hosted repository containing
some additional Debian packages(softwares).


It is based on legendary RED HAT Linux distribution targeting
advanced Linux users. It is also a bleeding edge distribution to some
extent. It is a security enhanced Linux distribution which can also be
used as a web server. The main thing which I like in fedora is its
security features and GUI, It uses GNOME3 Desktop environment which is
my favourite.


Debian is one of the oldest Linux distribution which is very stable
when compared to other Linux distributions. Debian repository has around
21,000 Debian softwares if i am correct, which works totally fine
without any hurdles. Even though it is a stable Linux distribution
sometimes as a Web Developer we feel not to use it since most of the
Debian Softwares are of older versions. That means the new
packages(versions of softwares) are not tested with the stable
distribution. So it can be considered as a very good distribution for
servers because of its stability.

Arch Linux

Arch Linux targets only advanced users. Basically arch CD has
nothing except the base system in it. All you can see is just a blank
screen with cursor blinking for you to enter commands and build your
operating system. Arch is a bleeding edge Linux distribution, that means
you just have to install it once and update whenever there is a new
release and new versions of softwares are immediately available waiting
for you to install from their repository. It follows the principle of KISS keep it simple, stupid.
You will have complete control over what has to be installed into your
system from the basement. In a word you can say that we are customizing
operating system according to our need.

Lets have our 2nd byte Essential Softwares for Web Development

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