If you are a user of desktop Spartan, whether it be on a Windoze, Mac, or Linux platform, you have probably been eagerly awaiting the long overdue next major version release, Spartan '14. What has been discreetly omitted from the hype from Wavefunction (who've been "announcing" the release for months now) is the fact that Wavefunction plans on doing away with the option of licensing your Spartan with a HASP key, and will force everyone to use an activation code transmitted online.

This is very disturbing for several reasons. Those of us who have had the hardware key license, in some cases for nearly 20 years, were NOT advised of this at the time we were asked to purchase another maintenance agreement, which is deliberate misrepresentation. Obviously, users who chose the hardware key option thought they had good reasons for doing so.

I won't take the time to list all of the reasons why I think a hardware key is infinitely preferable to the activation code option. If you've been using one, you already know. If you haven't been using a hardware key, you should still be able to appreciate that it is a feature that is being removed without the informed consent of the customers, and while it may not affect you, if you do not take a stand with the hardware key users, then who will be there to come to your defense when Wavefunction decides to take away something that you DO care about? Besides the deliberate misrepresentation by omission, so as long as users had a maintenance agreement continuously in effect, they should be "grandfathered" in, with respect to the form of licensing.

I have been a Spartan user since the earliest days of the company, and I have great respect for Warren and the folks that work there. I've met Warren and Sean, and I can only say how patient and kind they were, and how graciously I was received. Over the years, I have enjoyed a cordial relationship with everyone I have dealt with at Wavefunction, in person, by phone, and online. But this change to the established licensing policy is ill-conceived and unacceptable. I am urgently requesting ALL Wavefunction customers to politely raise a giant stink with Wavefunction over their plan to abandon the HASP licensing method for Spartan '14. "The squeaky wheel gets the grease." If Spartan users remain united, Wavefunction will be forced to recognize the unfairness of their plan, and relent.