The Michael Wormit award is being established to recognize excellence in the development of new methods and algorithms in the area of electronic structure and implementing these methods in state-of-the art computer codes within the Q-Chem open teamware community project. The award, which will be given annually, includes a certificate and $500 prize. It commemorates contributions of Dr. Michael Wormit who is remembered for his state-of-the-art developments of many-body methods, for his leadership in the community, for his educating and mentoring of junior team members, and for his infrastructure development.

Any member of the Q-Chem Developers community is eligible for the award.
Selection criteria:
(i) scientific innovation;
(ii) excellence in code development;
(iii) contributions to the infrastructure and developers community.

Nominations will be solicited annually. The selection will be performed by an ad hoc committee appointed by the Q-Chem Board of Directors. The nomination should include a nomination letter, CV of the nominee, a short description of his/her contributions to the code, infrastructure, and the community, and a second support letter.

Please email with your nominations.

Thank you!