Hello Ladies and Gentlemen! I am trying to explain the occuring of some intresting periodic structures of nanoparticles of Ag2S: the interraciton between nanoparticles is presented by electrostatic repulsion (Double Elecro Layer), also there is Van der Vaals forces. So, my question touches the last one - there is Hamaker's constant which depends on polarizability of molecules of NP and their potential of ionzation. I am not so good in chemistry (i've only started!), but as far as i know - electrons of Ag make with p-electrons of S bound - so we need more energy to delete these electrons from Ag2S, BUT there are still 2 p-electrons of S, who didn't change their state - will it correct (as approximation for sure) to set the 1st ionization potential of Ag2S equal (close) to IP of S. And also, could you help to explain how to calculate static polarizability of Ag2S? Thanks you so much! (sorry for my bad English).