Hello All,

Is the real-time time-dependent density functional theory (RTTDDFT) functionality working in QChem 4.4 or 5.0?

The example input (http://www.q-chem.com/qchem-website/manual/qchem44_manual/sect0018.html) gave me an error below.
It seems QChem4.4 does not recognize "RTTDDFT" keyword.

Problem with processed rem input line:

Q-Chem fatal error occurred in module /home/scratch/svnadmin/18442_zgan/qchem/qparser/read_rem.C, line 302:

My QChem binary information:
Q-Chem 4.4, Q-Chem, Inc., Pleasanton, CA (2016)
Q-Chem 4.4.0 for Intel X86 Linux

I'll be grateful for any help.