A position of postdoctoral senior level is opening in my group of INFN and Department of Physics Sapienza University of Rome.

I am looking for highly motivated individuals with a background in nonlinear optics, high-intensity lasers and THz radiation. The position is actually open


and the post-doc should start at the end of 2018/beginning of 2019.

The successful candidate will have the chance to contribute on a recently funded project on applications of high-intensity THz radiation for particle acceleration and condensed matter.

Interested applicants should simply contact me by email.

Thank you very much for your help!

Best regards



The TERA (THz-ERA) project financed by the italian National Institute for Nuclear Physics (INFN) is dedicated to innovative terahertz technology with the following goals:

1) The development of a highly intense THz source with an associated electric field down to 30 MV/cm based on the conversion of near-infrared laser radiation in THz radiation through either optical rectification and two-colors air plasma mechanisms;

2) Novel THz detectors and active polarizer devices;

3) Cavities for particle acceleration through the THz electric field.

These goals are the key components required to develop in the near future an all-THz based compact accelerator and at the same time are the mains elements required by the multi-disciplinary use of THz radiation in other fields of research like spectroscopy of exotic eletronic materials as suggested by the European THz road map.

In this framework we have opened a post-doc position (2 years renewables to another year) in the Department of Physics, Sapienza University of Rome, and we are looking for a highly-motivated researcher. His background should cover at least one of the following disciplines: THz photonics, THz spectroscopy, and nonlinear optics. A previous experience in experimental laser physics using high power femtosecond amplified laser is mandatory.