Frontiers in multiscale modelling of photoreceptor proteins

M.-A. Mroginski, S. Adam, G. S. Amoyal, A. Barnoy, A.-N. Bondar, V. Borin, J. R. Church, T. Domratcheva, B. Ensing, F. Fanelli, N. Ferre, O. Filiba, L. P. Gonzalez, R. Gonzalez, C. E. Gonzalez-Espinoza, R. K. Kar, L. Kemmler, S. S. Kim, J. Kongsted, A.I. Krylov, Y. Lahav, M. Lazaratos, Q. NasserEddin, I. Navizet, A.V. Nemukhin, M. Olivucci, J.M.H. Olsen, A. P. de Alba Ortiz, E. Pieri, A. G. Rao, Y. M. Rhee, N. Ricardi, S. Sen, I. Solov'yov, L. De Vico, T. A. Wesolowski, C. Wiebeler, X. Yang, and I. Schapiro
Photochem. Photobiol.  97, 243 – 269 (2021)

This perspective article highlights the challenges in the theoretical description of photoreceptor proteins using multiscale modelling, as discussed at the CECAM workshop in Tel Aviv, Israel. The participants have identified grand challenges and discussed the development of new tools to address them. Recent progress in understanding representative proteins such as green fluorescent protein, photoactive yellow protein, phytochrome, and rhodopsin are presented, along with methodological developments.

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