Beyond vinyl: Electronic structure of unsaturated propen-1-yl, propen-2-yl, 1-buten-2-yl, and trans-2-buten-2-yl hydrocarbon radicals

L. Koziol, S. V. Levchenko, and A. I. Krylov
J. Phys. Chem. A 110, 2746 – 2758 (2006)

Vertical excitation energies and oscillator strengths for several valence and Rydberg electronic states of vinyl, propen-1-yl, propen-2-yl, 1-buten-2-yl, and trans-2-buten-2-yl radicals are calculated using the equation-of-motion coupled cluster methods with single and double substitutions (EOM-CCSD). The ground and the lowest excited state (n→π) equilibrium geometries are calculated using the CCSD(T) and EOM-SF-CCSD methods, respectively, and adiabatic excitation energies for the n→π state are reported. Systematic changes in the geometries, excitation energies, and Rydberg state quantum defects within this group of radicals are discussed.

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