Women in theoretical/computational chemistry, material science, and biochemistry

About this page

What is it?

This is a directory of women pursuing research in theoretical and computational chemistry, biochemistry, material science, as well as theoretical molecular/atomic physics and biophysics. It lists female scientists holding tenure and tenure track academic positions or equivalent positions in industry and other research establishments such as National Laboratories (independent researcher, group leader, etc). Please help to keep this directory complete and up to-date.

We are grateful to all the suggestions we received from the community. More names will be added soon - stay tuned!

Whom it is for?

  1. Are you excited about mathematics, statistical mechanics and/or quantum mechanics, computers and programming, but have doubts that you would fit in because it is such a "guys' field"? Can a woman be successful in this area? Find confidence and inspiration in the achievements of these women who followed their passion and did not let societal and cultural pressures to stifle their dreams. Look what excellent science they are doing! And you know what? They have a lot of fun, too! If you like science -- go for it!
  2. Do you think that women are just not good at math, physics and programming? That female's brain is wired differently? That women have "different availability of aptitude at the high end"? (You know who you are...) Browse through these pages, and see for yourself how much women are contributing to this important (and becoming more so all the time) field of science. See what they have accomplished, despite societal/cultural pressures, direct discrimination, and hidden biases.
  3. Are you a conference organizer and would like to have a fair gender representation but think that there are just no women in the field who fit your agenda? Well, we are a minority, but there are much more of us than you think. I am sure you will find someone listed here to fit the scope of your conference. Invite women to your meeting. Not only will you hear about some great science, but you will also be providing role models for the many women graduate students and postdocs in attendance.

Change is needed: What should we do about all-male theoretical conferences?

Read here about the protest campaign we launched against all-male program for ICQC-2015 and the outcome it produced.

Women in Experimental Physical Chemistry Initiative:

Prof. Nancy Levinger is working on creating a similar webpage for women in experimental physical chemistry. If you are interested in contributing to this site, please contact Nancy dot levinger AT Colostate.edu.

Request-a-Scientist Project:

A growing database of female scientists in all areas of expertise, created with an aim to increase the visibility of women in the public sphere. The website also contains a list of various sister projects.

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