Women in theoretical/computational chemistry, material science, and biochemistry

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This is a directory of women pursuing research in theoretical and computational chemistry, biochemistry, material science, as well as theoretical molecular/atomic physics and biophysics. It lists female scientists holding tenure and tenure track academic positions or equivalent positions in industry and other research establishments such as National Laboratories (independent researcher, group leader, etc). Please help to keep this directory complete and up to-date.

We are grateful to all the suggestions we received from the community. More names are added continously - stay tuned!

Request-a-Scientist Project:

A growing database of female scientists in all areas of expertise, created with an aim to increase the visibility of women in the public sphere. The website also contains a list of various sister projects.

This project is funded by the National Science Foundation. Content by Anna I. Krylov (krylov.AT.usc.DOT.edu). Copyright: 2013. All rights reserved.