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Lectures on Quantum Chemistry

  • Quantum Chemistry of Electronically Excited and Open-Shell Species (A.I. Krylov)[View the lecture]
  • From Orbitals to Observables and Back (A. I. Krylov)[ View the lecture]
  • Algebraic and Diagrammatic Methods for Many-Fermion Systems (by Piotr Piecuch)[ View the course]

Public lecture (Telluride Town Talk) on molecules and light:

  • "Molecules and light: The story of life, death, and our quest for knowledge" (A.I. Krylov) [ View on YouTube]

5 minutes of quantum

Very short (few minutes long) video nuggets on quantum mechanical concepts.

Presentations and paper writing

Mini lectures

Short (~ 15 min) video lectures on quantum mechanics and electronic structure.

Links to educational materials on other sites

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